About Katherine Wheeler Ceramics


My journey into Katherine Wheeler Ceramics began with my love of beach combing, and holidays at the beach. Coming from central Victoria, the difference in landscape and the weird and wonderful things that would wash up on the shoreline from the deep was (and still is) fascinating. 

Once I had moved to Melbourne these holidays were more about relaxing, and taking a deep breath and enjoying nature.

I wanted to take - and wear with me as a reminder -  a piece of that peace and tranquility back to my everyday city life. 

Without destroying and taking from nature, I decided to make my own coral ring form porcelain! 

My ceramic pieces and drawings all stem from this idea, some with a little quirk and twist added in. 

I have been making porcelain jewellery and artworks in this way for around 13 years. 

I hope you enjoy them :) 


-Katherine Wheeler is a Castlemaine based artist trained at RMIT University in gold and silversmithing and visual arts.

Having a dad who is a potter meant she grew up hand building with clay, and has now combined her artistic backgrounds to now mainly work with ceramics, creating detailled hand-built, bespoke jewellery, vessels and planters.

Katherine makes, and textures or hand paints each piece with special ceramic underglazes, making sure you get a truly original item.

Her range of one off pieces made in different clay bodies combine the wearable, useful and beautiful, and are all fired up to 1200-1300 degrees c to make them as durable as possible (though you will still have to be a little careful with your piece!)

The handpainted designs and editioned Giclee prints reflect the subtle details, colours and patterns in the natural environment, and reflect Katherine's love of beach combing.

All pieces are one of a kind, made with the utmost care, and with the intention that the right person will find, fit and treasure their chosen item for years to come.-