Contemporary Jewellery

Contemporary Jewellery

Porcelain, thread, fine silverNecklace, 2012

Necklace, 2012

porcelain, thread, sterling silver, 2012Necklace 2012

Necklace 2012

Porcelain, thread. sea jelly necklace

sea jelly necklace

Fine silver, paper, paint. 2007white series rings

white series rings

porcelain, thread, silver, glass beads.cell structure, ring

cell structure, ring

thread, silver, gold, glass beadsgrapeweed and seafoam, 2010

grapeweed and seafoam, 2010

Copper, paper, semi precious stone, paint. Urchin bangle (2007)

Urchin bangle (2007)

Silver, polymer clay, cubic zirconia, paint. Anenome cup ring, (2008)

Anenome cup ring, (2008)

porcelian, linen thread, paint. frill structure ring (2009)

frill structure ring (2009)

copper, found object, silver, paintopen container neckpiece (2007)

open container neckpiece (2007)

Tin ring (2007) Copper, silver, paint. Tin Ring (2007)

Tin Ring (2007)

Lace Cup Fungi Collar (2010-2011)

Lace Cup Fungi Collar (2010-2011)

Porcelain, linen thread, silver, paint.Inhale Neckpiece (2010)

Inhale Neckpiece (2010)

Silver, porcelian, linen thread, paint.Existence ring (2010)

Existence ring (2010)

Existence ring on the body (2010)

Existence ring on the body (2010)

Porcelain, silver, linen thread, paper, paint.Creep Necklace (2010)

Creep Necklace (2010)

Urchin Ring

Urchin Ring